The Ultimate Cancun / Tulum Bachelorette


Bachelorette Parties! My absolute favorite thing ever. There is nothing like celebrating your best friend with a girl squad with days filled of booze and wild adventures. This bachelorette is Nacho average Vegas rendez-vous (which I absolutely love). My best friend getting married wanted to do something different and more adventurous. We considered our options and it came down to Miami, Cancun/Tulum, or Cabo San Lucas. In the end Cancun & Tulum got the most votes so down the Riviera Maya we went. It was everyone’s first time visiting that region, except mine. I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Riviera Maya three times prior to this trip (shoutout to my mom). I took it upon myself to help with the planning because there is nothing my Virgo soul loves more than planning a sick and overly-detailed itinerary. I will admit we crammed a lot of adventures in the days we were there. I asked the girls and the bride what they wanted to see and I tried to piece it together as best as I could. If you’re more of the relaxing type this itinerary might be a wee bit overwhelming, but if your soul craves adventure and can run on little sleep this itinerary might work for you. Either way I grouped the traveling in the most strategic way possible to ensure as much could be covered in little time. This itinerary could also be used with couples traveling to the Riviera Maya.

Flight: I had been monitoring flights for a month or two before we came out with a good deal. Volaris typically has the best rates for flights to Cancun. If you live in Southern California, choose to fly out of Tijuana. Flying out of Tijuana will give you domestic travel rates and prices are always lower. We flew out of Tijuana and used the Cross Border Tunnel (CBX) which conveniently crosses you into the Tijuana airport directly. Book your tickets online, they can also be purchased with Volaris while you book your flight.

Currency: Pesos. Cancun will accept dollars but many of the tourist locations will value your dollar a lot less than the national average. If you are going with a group, I recommend you have pesos and change. Going out to group dinners are a lot easier, if everyone can throw down the exact cost of their food + tip, don’t forget to tip!!! Throughout time, I have found that my favorite and most convenient way to get pesos is to withdraw from an ATM at the airport. You get the best conversion rate and you only pay a small fee to withdraw money.

Length of Trip: We did my friend’s bachelorette during Spring Break so we flew out early Wednesday morning and came back late Sunday night, so 5 days.

Air BnB: Since it was a group of 8 of us we booked AirBnB’s and it was the best decision ever. I searched to find the best possible options. Our Cancun airbNb was huge, elegant, and in a perfect location. Our Tulum airbNb was eccentric, looked like a treehouse, and was so unique. I will link the two locations. Both of them had really great hosts, especially Allistair in Tulum, he went above and beyond to make sure our stay was amazing. I would recommend these airbnbs to groups for any situation.

Travel: We booked shuttles through the same agency. This shuttle picked us up from the airport, took us to our Cancun airbNB. It also took us down to Tulum from Cancun. Finally it picked us up from Tulum and took us to the airport. The company was great, and extremely reliable. When we were in Cancun we rode the public bus to get around because our airbNb was conveniently located. When we were in Tulum we took taxis around because our airbNb was located in Tulum town not near the hotel zone. Taxis were affordable especially since they were split by 4 each way.

I will include my google doc itinerary, in case anyone wants to model their trip a similar way, Enjoy ❤



Day One: We booked an early, direct flight from Tijuana to Cancun. It was about 4 hrs and 35 mins. Safe to say most of the girls got sleep on the plane because once we landed in Cancun it was go time. Originally we had booked a private catamaran yacht for all 8 of us plus the captain. When we got there, there was a mix up between our scheduled yacht. Through some negotiations we managed to get on a boat with unlimited alcohol. We caught the sunset, had music blasting, and endless palomas. The ride was so serene, the water was clear. We jumped in the open ocean. Riding the boat was pure bliss and felt like the culmination of a bachelorette party in paradise.


Day 2: Chichen Itza Pyramids, Cenote Ik Kil & Coco Bongo

The next morning was an early wakeup call at 7am. Despite being hungover AF, we all pulled it together and made it to our pick up spot. Through previous experience, I booked through Cancun Adventure and have always found the best rates. The more tours you book at a time the greater the discount. They also pick you up and drop you off which is super convenient.

We started the day with Chichen Itza, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The architecture is breathtaking and the photo ops are plentiful. From there, the tour took us to one of my favorite cenotes, Cenote Ik Kil. We had time to swim and eat lunch, which was included with our tour. On the way home, the tour also stopped through a picturesque town.

Our night consisted of a group dinner at Mextreme, really great food and entertainment for parties. They even brought out a midget stripper and did a little show for the bride. From there we walked to Coco Bongo for a club night like no other. We purchased bottle service, which I highly recommend because the club gets awfully crowded. Coco Bongo is like no other club, it’s a spectacle. There is live performances to iconic songs and tributes to bands like Queen. We all agreed that this was one of the highlights of the trip.




Day 3: Tulum

Our previously arranged shuttles picked us up at our airbNb in Cancun and took us directly to our airbNb in Tulum. I wish I had pictures of the airbNb in Tulum because it was honestly a dream. It was big beautiful wooden house with 4 mini houses in one. It had a pool in the middle and at night lit up with twinkle lights. Although we were tired from the club night before, we rallied. First we went to El Camello Jr to get Mariscos, this restaurant is well known and was walking distance from our airbNb, warning the portions are HUGE. We decorated the air bNb for the bride and took a tequila shot and bounced to the “Hotel Zone of Tulum”.

We started out by visiting Azulik Hotel to explore Ik Lab and innovative and immersive art experience. From there we walked to the beach. Unfortunately, Tulum’s beaches have been covered with a lot of seaweed the past two times I have been there. You can’t visit Tulum and not ride bikes, its the thing to do and the best way to cover the most ground in the hotel zone. We stopped at my favorite pit stop, Matcha Mama and got acai bowls to cool down.

We went home and got ready for night time. The night life in Tulum, is different, its not like the clubs in the U.S. They hardly play hip hop, so if you are looking to twerk you’re in the wrong place. The music is super chill and the vibe of the nightlife is trendy. Drinks are super expensive so plan accordingly!




Day 4: Xel-Ha

If there is one attraction you must do when visiting the Riviera Maya, it’s Xel-Ha. It’s the ultimate paradise and it includes all you can eat buffets and drinks (alcohol included). The park is beautiful and you can spend the whole day there. From cliff jumping, snorkeling, floating on the river, the adventures are endless. We spent the whole day at the park and then headed home to get ready.

We decided to explore Tulum Town which was conveniently close to us as opposed to the Tulum Hotel Zone. We found a bar that played hip hop upbeat music so the girls were happy.



Day 5: Last Day

I could tell we were all tired, tired from the trip and some even tired of each other lol. But hey thats just the nature of traveling with seven other girls for five days. Our flight did not depart Cancun till 8:30 pm so we had a good amount of time to adventure one last time. It was also one of our friend’s twenty sixth birthday so we started out with a brunch to celebrate her and the bride. We did brunch at El Pez, unfortunately it was super windy so we could not sit outside. The view inside was still beautiful and the food was basic nothing special.

From brunch, we took a taxi to Grand Cenote. Make sure you have cash or pesos for admission. Even if you are not going into the cenote you have to pay. There are shaded hangout spots for those that opt out. If you are there though, please go in the water its refreshing and an experience like no other. You even get to swim under a cave with bats in it, total adrenaline haha. The water is teal and this cenote is a great location to get some gorgeous instagram shots. We got a taxi home and packed our belongings. Some of us walked into Tulum Town for a last lunch and it was by far the best seafood I had the whole trip. If you get a chance you must try the seafood at Los Aguachiles in Tulum Town. We boarded our shuttles to get to the airport and had a safe and smooth journey home.



Even though this was my 4th time in the Riviera Maya, there is still so much more to do and uncover. I will definitely be making a couple more blog posts on this region because it is my favorite region to travel to. The culture is rich, the food is exquisite, the adventures are endless, you can’t go wrong!!!!

If you would like a PDF version of the itinerary please email me at or simply leave a comment below with your email and I will send you the information. Feel free to ask any questions !

Till the next adventure!

xoxo, Jess


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Mexico City Guide: 3 Day Weekend in Mexico City

El D.F., La Cuidad, El Distrito, La Capital, y Mas Importante Donde Naci.

Fun Fact: I was actually born in Mexico City and most of my mom’s family currently still resides there. As a child my summers were spent in Mexico. My mom started sending me to Mexico as a child by myself at the age of 11. I would spend most of my nights crying because I was homesick and did not like the food (typical picky child). I did not appreciate her efforts to send me to Mexico, however, looking back on it now as an adult it was one of the greatest cultural blessings she could have gave me. I strengthened my Mexican roots, connected with my family, practiced my native language, and explored the culture. I had been longing to go back as an adult and do the tourist things, too bad no one was willing to pay for my flight like they did when I was a child. My husband and I decided that this year (2019), we would travel to Mexico City for his birthday trip in February.

Flight: With the help of the Hopper App, we tracked flights. I saw them for as low as $100 roundtrip but we waited a bit to buy them until we were sure we were going. We ended up paying about $125 roundtrip with Interjet. If you could get a good deal and fly with Interjet I would highly recommend that airline, you get complimentary beer and chips. Oh, and the seats are spacious and comfy.

International Travel: Due to the fact we live in Southern California, we chose to fly out of Tijuana. If you are close enough to do this, I highly recommend it. Since you are flying from Tijuana to Mexico City you are flying domestic which means you can get cheaper flights. We used the CBX (Cross Border Tunnel), it is highly efficient and smooth.            TIP: I recommend you buy your tickets in advanced through the website, and yes you do 100% need your passport.

Currency: Mexico uses the Peso, and the exchange rate fluctuates constantly. Not only that, but different businesses can choose the rate they convert the dollar to the peso. My biggest piece of advice is to convert your dollars to pesos. You can do this in a multitude of ways. Our favorite method is pulling out from the ATM in Mexico with your ATM card, you get the best conversion rate and you only pay a flat fee to your bank for using a foreign bank. If you have time, another method is to do it is through your bank at home, you just pay the service fee. Personally I do not like doing this method because that means you are carrying around a lot of money (depending how much you pull out). Finally, if you do not prefer to carry around physical cash you can use your credit card, try choosing a credit card with no foreign transaction fees, like my personal favorite; The Capital One Venture Card.

AirBNB Experiences: It was our first time using AirBnB experiences and I can honestly say wow, wish I would have used them before. We did two activities through AirBnB experiences and had the most amazing time. I will definitely continue to use them. I will link the two experiences we booked at the bottom , because I did a good amount of time researching, reading reviews to make sure we chose the best.

Getting Around in Mexico City: UBER!!!!! I was highly surprised at how smooth Uber worked in Mexico City. Most cell phone plans allow you to have international data at no extra cost. If you are not sure, call your cell phone provider or make sure someone you are traveling with has data abroad. Uber is extremely cheap and they are everywhere in Mexico City, we never once had trouble calling one. Tip: Most Ubers in Mexico do not display an Uber logo on their car, look for license plate numbers!


So now that the logistics are over here is our long weekend trip to Mexico City.


Day 1:

We flew from Tijuana to Mexico City on a direct flight. Mexico is ahead of California by 3 hours. Once we arrived in Mexico City, we Ubered to our hotel, Hotel NH Collection which was conveniently located in the Reforma neighborhood. Choosing which neighborhood in Mexico City was extremely difficult. We went with a practical approach and chose a hotel close to many of the tourist attractions and had opportunities to walk.

Although we landed around the evening, we wasted no time, we had already planned our first night in CDMX. Through AirBnB experiences, we booked a Tacos+Beer+Lucha Libre night. The hosts were hilarious and truly loved lucha libre, they encouraged us to yell the obscenities and get into the spirit. After the match we went to a well known taqueria called El Califa.



Day 2

This day called for an early wakeup call, 3:30 am to be exact. I booked a birthday surprise for my husband. It was a beautiful hot air ballon ride over the pyramids of Teotihuacan. After deliberate research, I found the best deal with SkyBalloons MX. Our driver picked us up and gave us one hours drive worth of fascinating history. It was our first time on a hot air balloon and we had an amazing experience, with the most serene views, totally worth the lack of sleep. From there our driver became our friend and told us he would drive us till 4pm when we had to be back for the next pick up. Included in the hot air balloon adventure, is a buffet brunch and access to the pyramids of Teotihuacan.

The pyramids were breathtaking and you were able to climb to the top for the best views. Bring a hat, water and sunglasses because it gets hot out there! From the pyramids our driver took us to an extra outing, he took us to an authentic Pulque tasting. Pulque is know as the drink of the gods. It is advertised everywhere you go in Mexico City, but finding the true and authentic pulque is more difficult. Our personal driver dropped us off back at our hotel to recoup for our next adventure.

The rest of the day called for another Air BnB experience, a futbol game at Estadio Azteca. Our guide Alexis, was phenomenal, he picked us up and took us to the game with other travelers. If you have time, I highly recommend doing a game in Mexico, whether it is at the famous Estadio Azteca, or a nearby stadium. One of the best parts of watching a game in Mexico, is that you do not have to get up to get drinks or food, everything is catered to you.

Even though we had been running on very little sleep, we did not end the day after the game. We took advantage of every minute in Mexico City and continued to explore. We walked around the lively Plaza Garibali at night, and walked near the Historic Center of Mexico City. We decided to end the night with a treat and visited the famous El Moro for some churros and chocolate. The line looked long but it moved quick and was well worth the wait.


Day 3 (Sunday)

Day 3 was also another jam-packed day. If I would have had more leisure time or would have stayed closer to our hotel, I would have definitely taken advantage of a carless Paseo de Reforma which happens every Sunday from 8am to 2pm. Do it like the locals do and ride bikes, skates of jog through the Reforma without worrying about cars.

We started our day by exploring the Castillo de Chapultepec. Aside from the beautiful architecture and scenic views, there is a lot of history displayed throughout the whole castle.

From the Castillo, we took an Uber to our next destination, el Museo Frida Khalo. I 100% recommend you purchase your tickets in advanced online, select the best time for you and you will skip the line. Purchase a photo pass at the door to be able to take pictures at the museum, otherwise you will be told to put your electronics away.

From the museum, we walked to el Mercado de Coyoacan and had delicious tostadas for lunch.

The next stop was my most favorite of our trip, Xochimilco! I had seen so much buzz about Xochimilco, that I knew it was something that should not be missed. Tip; you can bring your own alcohol and snacks onto the trajineras (boats). The price is set per trajinera not by the amount of people on them. You can also buy alcohol and micheladas all throughout your journey from vendors on their own little row boats. After a long day, we decided to head back to the area near out hotel to watch the NBA All Star game over some drinks. We finished the night with dinner at La Casa de Tono, which had many delicioius, authentic Mexican options.


Day 4 (Monday):

Although we did not have the full day in Mexico, our flight did not leave until 5pm, so that meant an early morning to squeeze in some last minute sights. From our hotel we walked to the Angel of Independence to get a day view of the magnificent monument. From there, we called an Uber to the Museo Soumaya, we did not go in due to time constraints, but lets be real, I came for a picture of the building which looks like a tiled whale’s tail. Our next stop was one I found through Instagram & was well worth visiting. We visited La Biblioteca Vasconcelos, which is definitely the most breathtaking library with an intense layout.

Our next stop was a view of El Palacio de Bellas Artes. To get the best view, go to the Sears across the street and take the elevator to the 8th floor. You will find a cute cafe with open air seating which allows you to get the best view of this magnificent building.

We couldn’t leave without trying the cuisine at Contramar. Right when we got there it was packed and buzzing, a reservation is strongly required. We got lucky and were seated without one.

Finally, we called an Uber to take us to out hotel to gather our belongings then head to the airport. There is so much to see and do in Mexico City. I discovered more things after visiting, so I know I will be back. This is a great place for families to visit as well, there is a lot for children to see and do! Teach them about history at young ages and captivate their interest in culture!









Hot Air Balloon Rides